Small Business and Big Risks: Protecting Your Livelihood Amid Pandemic and Riots

Owning a small business is already challenging enough. These days, with things like Coronavirus and riots, it is harder than ever. We all have our favorite local spot. It’s the one where we know every barista, waitress or cashier. We trust in these establishments to provide us with our usual orders. And we expect them to be accessible when we need them most. However, these businesses also rely on us to keep their doors open. Beyond that, we must give them the opportunity to safely and securely serve the local community.

So what happens when they are forced to close due to a global health crisis and civil unrest? These businesses suffer silently, waiting for the day when they can once again employ and serve locals. How can small businesses prepare for the unknown? How do they make sure they can reopen their doors when it is safe? The answer is small business insurance.


Over the past few months, businesses in the U.S. have suffered greatly from a lack of business and an inability to pay their employees. Several small businesses across the country have closed temporarily or limited their services to be only drive-up or take-out/online. While we do our best to order from these places, they are not operating in normal circumstances. This means that some employees are temporarily let go, laid off or completely let go. Unfortunately, as profits decline, many small businesses face an untimely end. Continue reading to find out how small business insurance may help.

Small Business Insurance in a Crisis

As most of us know, we purchase insurance policies to prepare for unknown disasters that may come. These may include a house fire, car accident or stolen property. The health crisis around the world has limited the operating abilities of most of our small businesses. Small business insurance is always recommended to owners. Can it also cover a loss of revenue beyond the business’s control? There is currently a debate about specific interruption coverage and whether or not a pandemic should be covered. With this being brought to light, it emphasizes the importance of asking for details about your small business coverage. Now is the best time to learn from the uncertainty in the world and prepare for the future with this knowledge. 

Rioting and Looting

“A Riot is the language of the unheard” -Martin Luther King Jr. 

In the wake of a recent unwarranted death of a man in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the hands of a police officer, the United States has broken out in protest and civil unrest to advocate for change and reform. Of course, many of the protests are peaceful and focus on equality and acceptance. However, there have been many instances of violence, looting and destruction in big cities. This behavior is classified as rioting and often leads to the theft and damage of local businesses and store fronts. Many have already been struggling to stay afloat during the Coronavirus pandemic. The riots and looting have become the breaking point for many. How can these businesses prepare and protect their livelihood during uncertain times of civil unrest? 

How Can Small Business Insurance Help? 

As the smoke and broken glass is cleared, small business owners are looking into their insurance company coverage and filing claims. Small business insurance can offer interruption insurance that will cover the loss of inventory and the ability to stay afloat. Some owners have come forward to explain that the pandemic led them to cancel their insurance policies as their doors were temporarily closed. This brings about a very important message: you never know what can happen. In the end, it is critical to always have insurance to prepare for the unknown. Those owners that do not have insurance are struggling during these times to plan a way to protect their property and eventually reopen.

If you are a business owner worrying about your store front, now is the time to take action and research your current policy. Essentially, it is the time to analyze where you need to improve your coverage. Insuravita is here to provide you with detailed quotes to help you make easier decisions during these difficult times. 

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