Road Trip and Car Insurance: Being Prepared

Road Trip

Road Trip Preparation

Summer vacation is something that we look forward to all year. Here at Insuravita, we know that nothing ruins vacations like an unexpected insurance mishap. One of the most exciting and cost effective ways to travel is to plan a road trip. Whether across the country or the state, Insuravita wants to make sure that all of your bases are covered before you hit the road. 

Hot Wheels! 

There are so many ways that you can travel around the country and see lakes, national parks, beaches, and the best restaurants the US has to offer. One of the most common ways to explore on a road trip is by car. However, the most popular vehicle is a recreational vehicle. There may be some additional insurance necessities to drive the RV before your vacation starts. Check your car insurance policy and see if there is additional liability insurance that could cover you in another vehicle. A piece of advice for the travelling family is to add another driver to your policy.  

A common necessity on long road trips is switching off driving responsibilities. Typically, your insurance policy will cover multiple people for liability insurance. Some things to consider when having another driver take the wheel during your trip are personal liability, injury coverage, and property damage. When renting an RV for a long period of time, they will provide you with regulations. 

Final Thoughts Before Your Road Trip

As routine drivers we are more likely to be comfortable and assume our travels will be without challenges. Instead, we should take a careful look at our policies before we embark on a trip. Some things to consider are out of state coverage, and terms of liability coverage which can vary. Another thing to consider is whether or not you are going to be driving your own vehicle or renting a vehicle. If you are renting a vehicle you will want to look into your auto insurance driver coverage. The majority of policies cover drivers in other vehicles. Additionally, there is road trip insurance that allows drivers to have full coverage in a rental vehicle. 

There are a lot of ways to make sure you have a safe summer and road trip. With nearly 100 million Americans traveling on the road this summer, there can be more challenges than any other regular day. Additionally, the hottest stops are National Parks and big cities like Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, New York, Austin, San Diego, New Orleans etc. These cities will be impacted and heavy with traffic so be prepared and drive safely!

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