Protecting Your Motorcycle When the Weather Outside is Frightful

‘Tis the season! Although the winter weather can be magical, it can also be quite frightful. It is the time when we all try to clean out our garages so we don’t come out to a car covered in snow or frosted over. Sometimes, we simply do not have the room for our vehicles. This can be a problem with motorcycles, which are much more vulnerable to the elements. If it’s not safe to leave your motorcycle exposed, it’s definitely not safe to drive it. Many drivers cover up their motorcycles or tuck them away until the snow melts and it’s safe to take them for a spin again. So, what can be done to save you money during this time?  

Option #1: Motorcycle Storage Insurance

If you know that there are several months coming up in which you will not be driving your motorcycle, then you can let your insurance company know. Often, they will give you the option of switching to motorcycle storage insurance. This essentially means that they strip the policy down to what is referred to as “comprehensive”. Comprehensive coverage will protect your motorcycle from things like theft, fire, and damage from storms. It provides protection from things it could be vulnerable to while in storage, not while on the road.  

Option #2: Adjust Your Coverage

Some insurance companies will not give you the option of changing your insurance to comprehensive or storage coverage. Certain lenders might stipulate that you have full coverage at all times. There is another option. You can request to increase your deductible and decrease your limits of liability. The likelihood of you having to make a claim and actually pay your deductible is much lower, so this is a reasonable risk to take. This will make your insurance much cheaper during the months when you are not driving your motorcycle. Of course, if you go this route, make sure to set yourself a reminder to adjust your policy back to original settings when you’re ready to start riding again. If you forget, you will face an unfortunate deductible should something happen.

Option #3: Cancelling Your Policy

The final option would be to just go ahead and completely cancel your policy during the months you are not riding it. This provides the opportunity to save a good amount of money while you have your motorcycle in storage. However, there are a few risks with this. First of all, you will not have coverage should your bike get damaged or stolen while it is being stored. You would want to be confident that your motorcycle is being kept in a safe location.

In addition, you will need to secure an entirely new policy when you want to take your motorcycle back on the road. It is impossible to know whether your insurance companies will be be able to offer you the same rate as before. If, however, you are up for the new challenge of comparing quotes, you can start researching as the snow melts. Just be aware that any changes in your circumstances, such as dings on your driving record, might impact your costs.


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