Health and Happiness: Activities Good for Body and Soul

There are so many factors in day to day life that affect your overall health and wellness. Stressful situations in work and social life can create issues like insomnia and weaken your immune system. Therefore, reducing your stress levels throughout the busy work day is crucial to your overall health. There are several creative activities you can work into your day to relieve stress in the body.

Taking Time to Build Good Habits

Some of the best activities for overall health and happiness involve a dedication to personal time and focusing on your inner thoughts. Meditation, yoga, or even listening to music can reset your mental happiness and help you refocus your energy. These habits are calming and beneficial for mental and physical health. A good mixture of activities throughout your week will help you to find balance. This will also help you manage your workload and eliminate bad habits.

Stress, Illness, and Insomnia Oh My!

First of all, building and maintaining a healthy muscle composition has proven to improve sleep. Hence, consistent exercise will help you to fall asleep faster and get more restful sleep throughout the night. Making consistent sleep a habit can reduce stress and, therefore, increase your happiness throughout the day.

Exercise is one of the best activities that you can add into your routine. If going to the gym is not an option or if you are low on time, there are still things you can do. There are activities that can be done at home like an exercise video, like Beachbody on demand or P90X. These quick at home workouts help you break up your day and promote heart health. You can also create small habits at work like standing at your desk or taking a 5-minute walk once every hour. Studies have shown that this contributes to overall heart health.  

Vacation Is the Key to Happiness

Working 40 hours a week can lead to to a significant amount of health issues, as well as, a lack of happiness. Some causes may be sitting for long periods of time, lack of time spent outside, lack of physical activity, poor diet decisions and more. Taking frequent breaks throughout the work day will help you to regain energy, stay motivated, and even feel happier. In addition to walks, you can stretch, listen to music, or walk around the office to say hello to a coworker.

These breaks are much easier than taking a vacation. A lot of people are too busy to take time off. Many people have other family or work obligations that stop them from taking a needed break. The New York times reports that taking a vacation every two years will lower a person’s risk of heart disease. In conclusion, you should book that ticket and relax!

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