Health Insurance FAQ


Have you ever found yourself confused by your health insurance coverage and wondering what your options are? The process of healthcare insurance is more complicated than most people think. There is a lot to learn about the process and your options as a patient. There are a lot of common misconceptions about health insurance. Also, there is confusion on whether to obtain it either with an employer or without. Here are some frequently asked and misunderstood questions about health insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do if you do have health insurance and want to pay out of pocket? Paying out of pocket for medical care can be less costly upfront. However, your payments will not go towards an insurance deductible, meaning that it is a negative long term outcome. Using your deductible and filing claims through insurance is the best option.

What do I do if I am unemployed? There are several options to enroll in healthcare plans at a lower cost. Medicaid and medicare are the most commonly chosen medical plans for lower cost coverage. It is important that you enroll in health insurance because the cost of care without coverage can be very high and unmanageable.

At what age can a person have their own health insurance policy? 18 years old is the standard legal age to have an individual policy. Under some exceptions, a 16 year old that is employed may also have individual coverage.

How Long Does Coverage Last?

Does my insurance expire? When you are selecting a plan you should be given the terms and conditions as well as information about when your term will end and be renewed. For example, children must select their own health care plan after the age of 26 and no longer be on their parents’ plan.

If I just quit my job how long will I have Health Insurance coverage? Make sure to refer to your employers benefit specialist. Typically, if you voluntarily leave your position, you are eligible for coverage up to 18 months.

Receiving Care

Am I able to go to to urgent care without insurance? You are able to go to any urgent care or emergency room without insurance. Costs may vary by location for certain care requirements such as vaccination or flu tests.

Can I be denied care at a hospital for not having health insurance? Hospitals, urgent care, emergency rooms and any emergency response cannot be denied to anyone. They must provide care due to the 1986 emergency medical treatment act that requires it, but costs can be rather large.

The Takeaway

There are a lot of questions and concerns about healthcare insurance and how to properly obtain coverage for individuals and their families. Without health insurance, it is nearly impossible to receive proper care as often as families need. There are several options like medicaid and medicare for lower income applicants to make sure care is available. You can either go to your state’s website or the Health Insurance Marketplace and find out if you qualify for lower cost coverage. To learn more about the cost of care without insurance and why choosing an insurance plan for you and your family is so important read the next article on our site titled “The Cost and Benefit of Health Insurance”.

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