Staying Healthy and Sane Amid Coronavirus Quarantine and Self-Isolation

Today’s world is one of anxiety, illness, and fear versus fact. The COVID-19, or Coronavirus, outbreak is quickly making its way around the world, impacting people in ways we never imagined. Initially, we think the biggest risk would be illness and death from the Coronavirus. As time goes by, we have noticed many ways in which non-infected people are impacted in their daily lives. To prevent the unwanted spread of the disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) is urging people to practice “social distancing” and “self-isolation”. So how do you make sure that you stay physically and mentally healthy amidst this quarantine? We are here to share some of our best tips to make sure that we all thrive in the self-isolation.

Set Time for a Home Workout Session

Something as simple as 10 minutes of stretching can improve your energy, boost your metabolism and improve your immunity. We want to avoid the spread of COVID-19, but it is hard to stay inside all day and change our active routines. Make sure that while you are taking care of the kids, working from home, or spending a weekend in, you make time to get up and stretch your legs. A consistent exercise routine has been linked to overall health benefits such as lowering depression, increasing self esteem, improving mood, and increasing energy. The quarantine may keep you from the gym but not from fitness.

Stay Hydrated to Beat Coronavirus

The Coronavirus quarantine has made many of us aware that we are creatures of habit. So, as we interrupt our usual routine, some things tend to be forgotten. Make sure the self-isolation doesn’t impact your hydration! Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Drinking water helps to level your blood sugar, relieves headaches, and helps with digestion. And those are just a few of the benefits. If you do not drink enough water, your body will become sluggish, tired, and potentially give you a fever. A fever is one of the symptoms for COVID-19 and researchers say that water is absolutely essential for recovery. One great tip is to set a timer on your phone or smart watch to remind you to drink water throughout the day.

Stay Connected During Self-Isolation

Self-isolation can make you feel just that: isolated. We know the importance of stopping the spread of COVID-19, but it is hard to commit to quarantine. It is important to acknowledge that it can have a negative impact on your mental health. While you are at home and attempting to continue with work or school or daily life, remember to take the time to stay emotionally and socially connected. We are so fortunate to live in a digital age that provides us with the convenience to connect with one another from our homes. Take a few moments to conference call with your work teams and FaceTime with family and friends. This connection will help with stress, fear, uncertainty and create a sense of camaraderie in such an uncertain time. Lean on those you usually would even when they cannot be next to you.

Stay Informed in a Quarantine

Even during self-isolation, we are never cut off from the outside world. These days, social media and main-stream media is more accessible than ever. Moreover, it seems that there is breaking and developing news every minute. Make sure to look to your personal and local resources for information and support. Your Health Insurance provider should be communicating their accommodations and treatment plans with you as there is an increased risk with certain populations. Having proper health insurance during a global pandemic will provide a sense of calm in this storm. Pay attention to your local officials and contribute as much as possible to the cause of social distancing. Urge your neighbors and friends to only go out when absolutely essential. The quarantine has a reason!

Eat Healthy to Guard Against COVID-19

While gathering non -perishables is important, focus your shopping on locally grown nutritious fruits and vegetables. This will not only provide needed nutrients while you are limiting time outside but it will provide variety for your diet and support local growers in this difficult economic time. Picking up fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants will help you fight off infections and illnesses like the flu and the Coronavirus. Next time you are at the local market limit your time in the store and make a list before you go. Pick up foods like yogurt, garlic, blueberries, acai, tomatoes, salmon etc.

Here at Insuravita we hope that you and yours aer taking the necessary steps to prevent illness. Check back daily for updates on how to stay healthy and handle this developing situation in reference to health insurance options, primary care, doctors visits, and steps you can take to improve your health. 

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