First Time House Shopper


You are about to make the biggest decision for your family- you are buying
a new home! Whether you are looking for a brand new home in the suburbs, a
fixer upper, or a condo in the city, searching for the perfect fit for your
family can be a struggle to say the least. There are a few ways that you
can this process easier and Insuravita is here to help! Aside from
making sure that your home is insured and covered for all events, you must
find the perfect home first. Here are some quality tips that can make owning your
dream home a reality.

Planning for Your Dream Home

If you are searching for a home, you most likely have a wishlist in your
mind of all of the must haves. You might want a big backyard, open layout, 3 bedrooms, two
car garage, and location close to school and work. Can
it be done? Sure, but it is going to take time and plenty of research in
the market. You may end up compromising some of these wishes for others. So, to start
off, prioritize your list from most important to negotiable. Once you have
done this, take to the online search.


Look up as many neighborhoods and
developments in your area. It even better to utilize apps and
sites like Redfin <>, Zillow
<>,, <> trulia
<> etc. All of these sites can show you recent
purchases in the area to get an idea of the average cost of homes within
that neighborhood. This is helpful if you are buying an older home, because
some sites are able to keep records of the buying history. This will show you the true
cost of the land and home.

Finding Your Dream Home

The next step is to go see the homes in person schedule tours or stop by
open houses as often as possible. The websites do the best that they can to
provide images of interiors and exteriors, but nothing compares to
physically being in the home. This allows you to have a thorough look at the surrounding
area as well. You do not want to compromise the safety and security of the
area for the right price, but you should stick to your budget as closely as
possible. Odds are that the home you will put in an offer on has already
received other offers. This being said, do not put in your highest and final
offer first. Leave yourself some wiggle room for negotiation.

Home Ownership Costs

Remember, when buying a home, there are a lot of upfront costs that you can
account for and the costs begin to pile up more even after the purchase.
With closing costs, moving costs, insurance, furnishing, and potential
fixes or renovations, this process can become very expensive. Because of
this, make sure that you have extra savings aside from those allocated for
the initial purchase of the home. Keep in mind, you are buying this home as
an investment in your future and will hopefully be living there for decades
to come.

Final Thoughts

With this in mind, purchase a home that is fit for your future
needs rather than the essentials for today. Choose a home that is
affordable with the possibility for additions and renovations. Once you have
your home secured, come to Insuravita <> and choose
the best home insurance for you!

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  1. Charles Reed on January 4, 2019 at 9:33 am

    Great read on home insurance. Thank you and will continue to come back for more insightful updates. Best of luck with your site.

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