Could a Hybrid be the Answer to Your Commuter Blues?

If you are a commuter that drives into work or school daily, then you may have noticed that there are more cars on the road than ever before. Big cities are congested, full of traffic, and take hours to get into. With families slowly migrating to smaller towns to raise their children and purchase more affordable housing, the commuter lifestyle is skyrocketing. Most high paying jobs are located in big cities and require, on average, at least a 45-1.5 hour commute each day. In the U.S. alone, nearly 76% of workers drive to their place of work and only 9% of those drivers are carpooling. We now know that this can be harmful to us and our community in several ways. Continue reading to learn about how hybrid cars could lessen this burden and solve some or most of your commuter blues.

Why Choose a Hybrid?

Driving into work every day can be exhausting, but not all cities have easy and accessible carpool or public transportation options. If you find yourself in this group of people, you are most likely driving to work alone every day. One way to buy a car that is comfortable and cost effective is to buy a hybrid vehicle. With the rise in popularity, they are comfortable, spacious, and of course beneficial to the weekly or sometimes daily gasoline expense.

While a hybrid still runs off of gasoline and a battery, it does provide more flexibility to your commuter schedule. I cannot tell you how many times I found myself in traffic after 6:00pm with the flashing “empty” signal looming at me. A hybrid vehicle allows for you to fill your tank less and skip the trip to the gas station. Many work places are offering EV charging stations making it even easier to charge up during work. 

Choosing a Hybrid Vehicle

Now that you have decided to go with a hybrid vehicle, how do you choose? Better yet, how does this effect you financially? While hybrid cars can be on the more expensive side to initially purchase, they will save you time and headaches down the road. You may find that your auto insurance increases slightly and that is due to a few reasons. Firstly, hybrid cars typically have intricate batteries and parts that can be difficult to repair if there were to be an accident. Secondly, the batteries often need to be replaced and or checked for efficiency. Lastly, new cars always jump up you auto insurance payments slightly for the first few months to a year. 

The Takeaway

There is a lot to consider when looking for a hybrid car. My suggestion is to make a pro and con list and see where gasoline prices land on the scale for you. I know that if I was able to take a conveniently located and timed train to work I would. Unfortunately, not many people have that luxury. This makes a hybrid car a great option for those that want the ease of an electric car convenience and the ability to fill up if you are not near a charging station. With gas prices on the rise, traffic increasing every day, and little to no time left after work this makes a great option for any busy worker! The next step is to use Insuravita to find the insurance that will fit your needs. We recommend reading the details here.

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