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About Auto Insurance

Your car gets you from point A to point B. The road between can be long and bumpy. We never know what might happen on the way. “Accidents happen” is a common phrase for good reason. According to Forbes, the average person will be involved in 3 to 4 accidents during their lifetime. The severity of those accidents varies. The Association for Safe International Road Travel reports that an estimated 1.3 million people die in car accidents each year. An additional 20 to 50 million are injured or disabled. Thus, even in non-fatal collisions, the costs can be serious. The cost of damages and medical bills can put you in a mountain of debt. Additionally, in the United States, 93,000 speeding tickets are issued every day. That means 65 speeding tickets given out every minute.

The average fine of these tickets is $150. Without auto insurance, the costs of traffic violations are high and can be increased by criminal costs. After all, driving without insurance is against the law. With insurance, you are still responsible for meeting your deductible and then the type of coverage you have will affect costs from there. In addition, the points on your driving record will drive up the cost of your auto insurance. Of course, there are ways to keep your costs low.

We provide tips and tricks in our articles. It is important to understand all of the variables of your policy and know what your insurance company will do for you. Dependent on your situation, you have options that can give you more security or help you secure lower premiums. You will want to consider your driving history, your car, how often you drive, and so on. Auto insurance protects you on the road and the road is one place you definitely do not want to be vulnerable.

Whether you are looking for coverage for the first time or searching for a better policy, our site has articles to help. We break down all of the details from traffic tickets and DUIs to age of the driver and the type of car so that you can make informed decisions. Get a quote and find the policy that is right for you so that you can feel safe, secure, and confident behind the wheel.

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Does car color impact auto insurance rates?

June 22, 2018

Seeing Red: Auto Insurance and Car Color Do your auto insurance rates have you seeing red? It can be frustrating to pay so much in monthly premiums to guard against…

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Deciding Between Auto Glass Replacement Vs Repair

June 28, 2018

Shattering the Mystery of Auto Glass Repair Auto glass is breakable. It is a wonder that rocks, debris and severe weather don’t cause more broken car windows. As it stands,…

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How much does a Teen Driver affect car insurance rates?

June 28, 2018

Young and Reckless So, your teenager has started driving. The moment they pass their driver’s test is bittersweet. They have passed a major milestone, but you are naturally worried about…

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Does car color impact auto insurance rates?

June 28, 2018

Seeing Red: Auto Insurance and Car Color Do your auto insurance rates have you seeing red? It can be frustrating to pay so much in monthly premiums to guard against…

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Save on Car Insurance: Top 5 Ways to Secure a Cost-Effective Auto Policy

October 17, 2019

We are all trying to save more money, but sometimes there don’t seem to be any areas to cut back. One avenue to explore is ways to save on car…

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Could a Hybrid be the Answer to Your Commuter Blues?

August 13, 2019

If you are a commuter that drives into work or school daily, then you may have noticed that there are more cars on the road than ever before. Big cities…

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Road Trip and Car Insurance: Being Prepared

July 20, 2019

Road Trip Preparation Summer vacation is something that we look forward to all year. Here at Insuravita, we know that nothing ruins vacations like an unexpected insurance mishap. One of…

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Average Costs of Teen Drivers: Teenagers and Auto Insurance

June 5, 2019

It is stressful to be a teenager and stressful to raise a teenager. And everything changes at age sixteen. Suddenly, teenagers are learning to drive and there are so many…

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