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How to Score Affordable Life Insurance for Athletes

It may seem like professional athletes live a glamorous lifestyle, but they are still regular people. Thus, they worry about normal things like life insurance. In fact, sometimes life insurance is even more important for athletes. This is because of the physical stress on their bodies and also the danger involved in certain sports.

Many studies suggest that being physically active in endurance sports actually prolongs your life. Still, there are many health risks associated with professional athleticism. For example, injuries that are sustained can weaken the body.

The Top 6 Most Dangerous Sports

  1. Boxing
  2. MMA
  3. Football
  4. Rugby
  5. Soccer
  6. Hockey

These sports are dangerous primarily because they involve a lot of physical contact. Boxing, in particular, eventually causes problems with vision, coordination, speaking, and possibly brain function. It also has left many people crippled. Football and soccer may not be as dangerous as fighting sports, but they cause a lot of injuries. For example, from 2012-2017, there were over 2,500 diagnosed concussions in the NFL. Science has now shown us that concussions have a long-term adverse effect on physical health.

Athletes and Life Insurance

So, what should athletes consider when purchasing life insurance? First of all, the sport they play. The more dangerous, the more costly your life insurance premiums. Secondly, there is the level of competition. Amateurs who do not play as often or as intensely put themselves in less danger and under less physical stress. Other things to keep in mind would be an supplements the athlete is using and how an insurance company would evaluate their physical health. For example, if the athlete is particularly muscular or higher in weight than is deemed healthy, their BMI might be deceiving. A defensive lineman for example, might have a very high BMI, even though he is solid muscle.

The Takeaway

We recommend that athletes prepare this information for their insurance agent. Get a quote today and start comparing coverage options.

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